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Nick Reinhart
A well-stocked pedalboard is a very common sight in modern music, but Nick Reinhart has taken stompbox wizardry to a whole new level. Nick plays guitar in a band called Tera Melos. Their sound is pretty difficult to describe, but if you put The Beach Boys, King Crimson, and Aphex Twin in a blender with... [read more]

Trailblazers of Guitar Effects Part 1: Jimi Hendrix
He may not have been the first guitarist to utilize stompboxes, but Jimi Hendrix certainly brought them into the spotlight. By the time he started recording his final studio album, Electric Ladyland, Hendrix had developed an incredibly unique sonic palette composed of swirling psychedelic textures, ethereal delay soundscapes, and ferocious fuzz to craft the diverse... [read more]