The extensive series of outdoor commercial benches and their usage preferences comprise tailored benches styles and modern-day furniture. The bench choices cover surface mount, freestanding, embed support with bench arms and back down without them. The best commercial benches are accessible in different lengths, heights, and widths. 

The stainless steel benches come in various materials and finishes together with steel, cast-iron, lightweight concrete, and wood-like Boulevard. With the commercial benches, many have identical tables to match modular site furnishing selections that will augment any outdoor space and turn your surrounding into a commercial centre and better business space.

Here are 10 commercial benches for businesses in 2021

Redesigning your commercial space includes upgrading your equipment to match trends in the current scenario. Not only will it offer a fresh look, but it will also assist you to remain a step ahead in the business.

1) Flat Benches

The cost-effective commercial grade flat benches come in diverse series. They can be mixed and matched to fill up any viable space. The upgrade possibilities obtainable are the attachment of castor wheels, screw-down feet and superior stainless legs.

2) Larger Flat Benches

The larger grade benches come with added depth. They are precise for two individuals to work opposite each other with complete ease. They come with galvanised legs and are upgraded with screw-down feet, stainless legs and castor wheels.

3) Stainless Steel Benches with Splashback

The grade splashback bench comes in diverse ranges with several sizes. Most of the larger benches come with six legs and added bars.

4) Splashback and Flat Benches

The narrow stainless steel splashback benches are the best fit for tight spaces and come with a choice of long ranges. They are highly sturdy and used for a pounding.

5) Premium Splashback Benches

These premium stainless steel benches are reckoned with stainless tops, square tube legs, support bars, and deadening material to keep the noise on a lower side and add more sturdiness.

6) Stainless Waste Collection Benches

They are entirely modular and precisely suited for kitchen wash-up areas. They are made of commercial-grade stainless steel, facilitated with adjustable feet and stainless legs.

7) Landscape Collection Benches

The sophisticated Landscape Collection benches fit many situations where the look of wood is chosen. These reasonably priced seats are manufactured with quality materials and precision. These benches are offered with contour back and backless styles, which provide relaxations, and are a mixture of wood and steel tables.

8) Plaza Strap Metal Benches

They are pretty solid and straightforward benches. It is a standard style bench with a unified corrosive-resistant powder coating. The steel metal is soldered to a robust setting for a calm and hard-wearing construction of these benches. They are the ideal addition to any trails, sidewalks and entryways.

9) Cascade Collection Benches

These benches are a very good preference for backgrounds that need the warmness of logs and the comfort of sustenance.

These benches are obtainable with back or backless features. They are entire contours for well-being. They even blend explicitly with steel and wood tables.

10) Stainless Steel Bench Accessories

The stainless steel benches accessories comprise added leg attachments, under bench drawers, bench shelving, splashback extensions and added leg preferences.

Significant Benefits of Commercial Benches

The catering and food industries are flourishing in Australia. However, none can work without suitable and quality kitchen equipment. Commercial kitchen benches are predominantly vital. These worktops are the foundation of food production.

These stainless steel benches are even suitable for sustaining the hygiene of a kitchen and keeping the surroundings clean. Commercial benches are extensively used across many industries, including retail, restaurants, educational, medical, schools, cafeterias, laboratories, and hospitality, as they fulfil required applications.

Also, people will walk regularly and invest time in the exterior if they know there are commercial and leisure benches to sit. Outdoor commercial benches can be utilised as a steady base for exercises and entertainment.

Key Takeaways

Stainless Express and Britex have provided cost-effective and comfortable commercial benches for diverse businesses. These outdoor commercial benches are utilised for a broad range of settings, right from restaurants, destination attractions to parks and leisure areas.

Our superior quality stainless steel benches are designed and developed to withstand heavy utilisation and to meet exclusive requirements of higher traffic places and several harsh industry usages. No matter how tireless the working situation is, you will find our commercial benches meet your demands.

Our benches fit into any commercial space setting and provide quality workable applications for all categories of kitchen usages. Standing on sturdy legs with a robust undershelf, they come with splashbacks that assist in keeping the backgrounds hygienic.


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