Built for Sanitation and Easy Cleaning

A&D Inspection checkweighers are designed for endurance, reliability, and precision in harsh environments. Well-suited to process fruits, vegetables, and other fragile food products, they must then be able to withstand regular washdown to remove contaminants, bacteria, and other residue. Fortunately, A&D 2 kilogram, 6 kilogram, and 600 gram checkweighers and their sensitive electronics are all designated with IP65 ratings, meaning that they are completely protected from dust and solid contact, as well as water jets projected from nozzles at a pressure of up to 30 kPa from 3 meters away. This allows checkweighers to withstand repeated automated washdown procedures and maintain hygienic standards.

Time-saving Features

A&D checkweighers possess a modular, lightweight, and easy to install design consisting of four parts: an infeed conveyer unit, a weighing conveyer unit, a control unit, and base unit. This allows users to quickly remove and replace worn out or otherwise defective parts without needing to shut down a production line for hours or even days to find and repair problems with a checkweigher. Our checkweighers also come with USB support and modbus ethernet communication, as well as data collection, summary, and analysis. This allows for connection with metal detectors, alarms, and rejectors in a seamless system on the production line and lets you monitor any fluctuations in weights or other abnormalities quickly and efficiently. Finally, a 7 inch LCD touchscreen panel allows you to adjust settings, start and stop weighing, and collect data with ease on up to 1000 different products.

Exceptional Precision

Even though they are built to last and withstand harsh working environments, A&D checkweighers do not sacrifice precision for durability. Equipped with an innovative, sensitive digital load cell and a high-speed processing module, they can obtain a reliable precision of 0.08 grams, cutting down on unnecessary product giveaway and extra production costs.

Supporting Compliance with FDA Standards

All high quality checkweighers, no matter their stated specifications and functions, must be tested to conform to major industry and government regulations pertaining to food production, contamination, and sanitation. You can rest assured knowing that A&D checkweighers are built with these regulations in mind and have been rigorously tested. Inert materials and built-in safety measures ensure that you and your products will be kept safe and free from contamination.



What is meant by a washdown environment?

Processing sensitive products, such as food and pharmaceutical products, require periodic cleaning and sanitizing to remove environmental contaminants and buildup of unwanted residue. This is usually done through high-pressure washing with water and cleaning solutions in an automated process called washdown, creating a washdown environment. Because of this, checkweighers and the delicate electronics used to process these products must be able to withstand repeated exposure to the wet and harsh conditions of a washdown environment.

What is an IP rating?

The IP Code, or Ingress Protection Code, rates the degree of protection provided by electrical enclosures against dust, contact, and water. The first numeral indicates the level of protection offered by an enclosure against solid foreign objects, from dust to body contact. The second numeral indicates the level of protection offered by an enclosure against water contact. A&D Inspection’s 2 kilogram, 6 kilogram, and 600 gram checkweighers are rated IP65, offering the highest level of protection against dust and oil contact, as well as water jets projected from nozzles.

Are there other ratings related to washdown?

Although the IP Code is well known internationally and is the most widely used rating system, other industry organizations have similar codes. Standards published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) are used in North America to define the protection electrical enclosures offer against environmental contaminants. Besides water and dust, a NEMA rating can also include protection against corrosion and hazardous environments.

Can these washdown checkweighers be used as critical control points?

An A&D Inspection checkweigher cannot by itself be used as a critical control point. However, they can be combined with A&D industrial food grade or AD-4971 metal detectors to create a critical control point that can both ensure accurate weights and identify contamination. This system can also be further combined with A&D in-line rejectors to ensure that contaminated products are removed from the production line.


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