Choosing the right toilet suite

When someone sets out to renovate their house or to look for a new toilets, they are often amazed at how many different options there are when it comes to toilet suites. But that really shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, considering how important bathroom designs and aesthetics have become over the years.

Toilet suites are among the most important fixtures in a bathroom, and most people prefer to have one that looks good and fits in with the interior style.

The different types of toilet suites

There are many different types of toilet suites available in the market today, in terms of style, design, shape, and water efficiency. But generally, there are four categories:

  1. Concealed Toilets

These toilet suites have the tank or cistern hidden inside of the wall, and only the toilet pan is visible. These toilet suites take up less space, and are easy to clean. They also give the bathroom a minimalist and uncluttered appearance, and would complement a contemporary style.

  • Wall-Faced Toilet Suites

The wall-faced toilet suite, also known as back to wall toilet suite, has the back of the pan right against the wall, leaving no gap between the toilet and the wall at all. All pipe work is concealed, making it look clean and modern.

  • Close Coupled Toilet Suites

These toilet suites have the pan and cistern joined together, hiding the flush pipe. As it has a traditional look, close coupled toilet suites suit all types of bathrooms.

  • Connector Toilet Suites

The most traditional style among all, connector toilet suites feature a separate cistern and pan that are linked by a pipe. This pipe can either be exposed or concealed by a plastic link piece, and the distance between the pan and the cistern can be adjusted during installation.

How to choose the right toilet suite for your bathroom

To choose your toilet suite, you need to first decide which type of toilet suite you want or that would fit your bathroom design and fittings.

After selecting that, you need to choose the right trap pan to suit your set-out and plumbing requirements. There are four kinds of pan traps in Australia: S-trap, P-trap, skew trap, and the universal trap.

The universal trap can be installed as either the S trap or P trap.

The majority of pan installations in Australia use the S trap pan. This option connects the toilet waste pipe directly to the floor.

P trap pans come with either an angled or a horizontal outlet, and connect to the wall instead of the floor.

Skew trap pans are similar to the P trap, except that the spigot has an offset 90 degree angle that sets it either to the right or left of the toilet suite.

Britex Stainless Steel Toilet Suites

Britex stainless steel toilet suites are stylish and durable, making them perfect for all types of bathrooms. Known for their high quality and reliable features, Britex stainless steel toilet suites are often found in public amenities, hospitals, security projects, and more.

  1. Britex Security Accessible Toilet Suite with Integrated Backrest

Made from grade 304 stainless steel, this toilet suite is robust, durable and water efficient. Featuring an integrated toilet backrest and integrated toilet roll holder, the unit is contraband proof and ligature proof, making it ideal for detention or correctional facilities.

  1. Britex Toilet Suite

This is a heavy duty close coupled stainless steel toilet suite, with integral dual flush cistern. The unique trap design helps to prevent blockages and makes it extremely water efficient. With a 4 Star WELS rating, this toilet suite is ideal for public amenities and clubs.

  1. Britex Accessible Toilet Suite

This toilet suite conforms to the Australian Standard for accessibility (AS1428), and is hygienic, easy to clean, as well as highly resistant to vandalism. It features a double-skinned cistern casing, and has an optional toilet backrest as required by AS1428.

To view the complete range of Britex stainless steel bathroom accessories, commercial and industrial toilet suites and bathroom warehouse, visit their website today.