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  • Manufacturer: SUZUKI
  • Item Condition: NEW
  • ID: #24513


Fantastic first timers instrument, including a gig bag it's a great way to get started. Also available in the quarter size at $79 half size for $89 or 3/4 size for $99.The 3/4 model is now available in a few colours - black red and blue - natuarl sems to be the popular choice still, maybe its 'cos it looks like teachers guitar or mum dads guitar? Now stocking the Solid Spruce top model at $329. Also the updated cutaway with pick-up model for $399! The pickup model also has a solid spruce top and a built in tuner and one last, very useful feature,a three pin balanced socket for optimum plugged in performance. It has a standard jack output as well.
Awesome value from this well known maker. All guitars are checked and tuned and supplied in a quality carry bag.

Shipping Policy

Freight can be negotiated for larger orders.
FACTORY SHIPPING CARTONS USED ALWAYS. (as used by Gibson, Maton & Martin).
Be aware a customs charge may be applicable in your country. Please note for AMERICAN guitars returning to the USA there is no import duty or tax. For guitars manufactured in other countries, they seem to attract a small duty of between 1-2%.
If you want a guitar that has been sold - but not yet deleted from our web site we will do our best to find one the same but we cannot guarantee it.

Guitars Plus cannot guarantee that a product for sale on this website has not already been sold. In the rare circumstance that more than one party orders a guitar that we only have one of, we will endeavour to sell that guitar to the first party to initiate the purchase.

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Returns policy is at our discretion, based on the individual situation.

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VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Bankcard (Australia). No surcharge for use of these cards.
Paypal (attracts a 5% surcharge).
Bank Transfer - quickest & lowest cost - for both parties. Bank details are as below, including swift codes.

Store Information

We are Melbourne's leading independent guitar store. We started out as Musical Repair & Trading Co. on 8th Nov 1982, and initially did P.A and Sound Re-Inforcement as well as guitars and accessories.

Chris and Ross Nicol, now of Abbey Sound, Seaford, played in leading Melbourne covers band 'The Davey Brothers' in the 1982-3 period, and Ross was a partner in the business until 1985. After an amicable split, the seeds of the present store were planted. An expansion into the adjacent store occured in 1988 and in the early 90's Chris changed the name to Guitars Plus. The teaching room in the second shop was underused by the mid nineties and was changed into an inviting 'high-end' room. Here guitarists can try out the instrument of their choice away from the chatter of the main store area. A high quality valve amp is kept in this room generally warmed and ready to roll for electric buyers, whilst a plethora of modern and vintage classics adorn the walls behind you.