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  • Manufacturer: GENERIC HEADSHELL
  • Item Condition: NEW
  • ID: #104033


This Serato package is a digital download, no box or physical product, you simply download with the serial we provide!

Use Serato to DJ with your laptop, and connect external devices for even more control. The original DJ software now has more features than ever!

You can use Serato DJ with a vast range of hardware from the world's best manufacturers. All you have to do is plug in the supported hardware and Serato DJ is ready to go. No need to reconfigure. Choose your kit based on your preference or skill level from DVS mixers, interfaces or CDJs through to Pro and entry level controllers.

The latest version of Serato DJ includes support for a range of new hardware including the Rane MP2015 4-channel rotary mixer, Pioneers new entry-level controller, the DDJ-SB2, Numarks highly anticipated NS7III with screens and motorised platters, and the Numark NS7II Display. Two of Denon DJs announcements from NAMM 2015 will also be supported, the Denon DJ MC4000 2-channel controller and the Denon DJ DS1, an extremely compact high-quality audio interface which was recently supported back in version 1.7.6.

Serato DJ supports 7 languages including: English, German, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese. All the core features of the software have been translated along with the setup screen and the My Serato window.

Available for all Serato DJ users, Beat Jump allows you to jump a determined beat size forwards or backwards in the track. Created for DJs to seamlessly skip sections in tracks, or repeat them if they wish. Beat Jumps can be triggered from the software or from newly mapped hardware controls.

A popular Serato easter egg has now been made a permanent feature that you can activate from the setup screen. Serato DJ takes the MIDI messages from your EQ adjustments and displays them live by manipulating the colour of the waveforms. Map additional software features such as library scroll and loop rolls to get more control even if you don't have these features available on your hardware. Hardware LED's will illuminate in response to your actions allowing you to create custom mappings that are highly visible in the club.

Keep your routines tight with Sticker Lock. A feature based on a Scratch Live easter egg that allows you to place a sticker on your control vinyl that will line up exactly when your track starts or cue points every time. Combine this feature with drop to cue and instant doubles for more control without having to look at the screen.

Library management of your audio and video files is a breeze with Serato DJ. Organise your music with crates and auto-populating smart crates. View previous sets with the History window and get ready for your set with the Prepare window. Add album art to view alongside files in your library. Access your iTunes library and files direct from Serato DJ.

Senato have optimised the Cue Point and Loop display. You can now see all 8 Cue Points at once, alongside saved Loops and Autoloops. Alternatively you can view all 8 saved Loop slots alongside Autoloop controls. Set and trigger your Cue Points perfectly on beat using Quantise mode. Just make sure you have beatgrids set! The Quantise value can be adjusted in the Setup screen.

Serato's famous Virtual Decks give you all the key track information alongside full colour waveforms visually representing the audio frequencies. Red represents bass, green is mid-frequency and blue represents high treble sounds. Customise Serato DJ with a range of different view modes. Choose between 2 and 4 deck displays with different waveform and deck layouts.

Always a controversial subject, Sync is here for DJs that want it. Hit Sync to get tracks in time quickly, allowing you to do other things instead of moving the pitch slider. If you don't want it, disable it and never see it again. Use Slip Mode when scratching, using Cue Points and Loops or other performance features, then when you've finished the playhead jumps back to where it would of been, always on beat.


Compatible with a range of hardware
Beat jump
EQ coloured waveforms
Sticker lock
Advanced library management
Optimised Cue point and loop display
Quantise mode
Choose between 2 and 4 deck displays
Sync and slip mode
Supports 7 languages

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Store DJ will ship your product to any corner of Australia. All products that are under 20kg³ our Free Shipping option. Since freight and packing costs associated with delivery from other vendors can be difficult for you to estimate and often make prices difficult to compare, we have simplified your buying experience by including the freight, from us to you, at no additional charge to our published prices. This option is sent via Australia Post and all deliveries are sent with insurance and registered post. This means someone will need to sign for your goods when it arrives. If no one is home, a card will be left for you and your gear will be delivered to the local post office, where you can collect at your convenience.

The 20kg rule is all based around the weight and size of your item. Some bulky items such as Roadcases and Speakers require additional freight fee to be added to the total price displayed in your shopping cart - the amount will vary according to the size of the box and shipping destination within Australia.

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Return Policy

If the product you have purchased from Store DJ has a manufacturing fault, Store DJ will facilitate the repair or replacement under the warranty provided by the Australian distributor of that product. As each distributor deals with product faults differently, Store DJ will act upon any warranty that is current and valid at the time the product arrives back at Store DJ.

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You can pay for your order by Credit Card, Direct Bank Transfer, Paypal, through Certegy Finance, Flexirent, or by Cheque or Money Order.

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Store Information

Store DJ is a national retail business specialising in providing audio and lighting technology to DJs, musicians, nightclubs and bars. Store DJ’s key product lines include CD players, digital dj equipment, DJ software, turntables, mixers, sound systems, studio recording equipment, music production software and lighting equipment.

Store DJ has 4 retail stores; one in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and our newest store in Perth. Further to Store DJ’s retail shops, we also provide online purchasing with free delivery around Australia for any items under 20kg.