When it comes to weighing scales, there is quite a surprising number of different types and models available in the market. Some scales are specifically designed to measure coffee; others are able to take on products that weigh in the tonnes.

With so many different types of weighing scales to choose from, it may be challenging to decide which scale is the right one for your application.

Domestic Scales vs. Industrial Scales vs. Commercial Scales

To find the right scale, you need to first understand the three general categories of weighing scales: domestic, industrial, and commercial. Choosing the right scale for your needs is essential to ensure accuracy when the results matter.

Domestic Scales

Domestic scales are basically scales that are for personal use at home, i.e. bathroom scales to check your own body weight, or kitchen scales to measure the ingredients when you are cooking or baking at home.

UC-321 Series Precision Scale BMI scale

Retailers such as Bunnings, JB Hifi and Harvey Norman typically stock weighing scales that are designed for domestic use. These scales are generally good enough for light use, but they are not meant to withstand harsh conditions or to take on extreme stress.

Industrial Scales

Industrial scales are large capacity weighing scales suitable for reliable, accurate and precise weighing in industrial environments. These scales are used in various applications, including logistical, shipping, warehouse, supply chain, laboratory, and agriculture.

Industrial scales

Industrial scales come in a wide range of capacities and levels of accuracy, and are very robust, allowing them to withstand tough working conditions. Quality and durability are crucial in industrial scales, which are usually made of stainless steel and are waterproof.

Commercial Scales

Commercial scales are used in retail applications, especially for transactions where the price of the product is determined by the weight. For example, at the deli where the meat is cut and weighed in front of the customer, or at the post office where parcels and letters are weighed for the shipping rate.

For this reason, commercial scales must be Legal for Trade or NMI Trade Approved. Some commercial scales are made for specific industries, such as the postal scales, price computing scales, and jewellery scales. These scales might work in different ways and metrics, so depending on your needs, you might consider a specialised scale intended for your area of commercial use.

What are NMI Trade Approved Scales?

NMI trade approved scales are weighing scales that meet strict requirements meant to ensure the best accuracy and performance standards.

The National Measurement Institute, or NMI, is a federal government body that sets and maintains these standards, and it also tests all measuring equipment to be used in a commercial environment.

NMI Trade Approved Scales

The requirements for NMI Trade Approved Scales include:

  • Must meet or exceed performance standards
  • Display an NMI approval number
  • Serviced by NMI licensed technicians
  • Endure testing over a long period of time

Only NMI trade approved scales may legally be used for any commercial applications regulated by the government body. That is why it is important for businesses to buy their scales from a trusted and reliable supplier.

A&D Weighing offers a wide range of NMI trade approved scales, suitable for almost any kind of application. Whether your needs require the use of a large capacity, high performance industrial scale or a more precise balance scale, A&D Weighing has a trade approved option for you. 

FS-Ki Series Wet Area IP65 Checkweighing Scales are dust and waterproof, backed by a one year warranty, 80 hours in one battery charge, and lightning-fast weighing speeds. This is a perfect option for anyone in the meat, fishing, chemical, or any raw product packaging industry.

food scale

GX-K Series Top Pan Waterproof Balance Scales are another quality option, trade approved, and overload protected to take hard use. You can’t go wrong with an industry-leading 5-year warranty and protection from dust and water.

balance scales

ELP Series Industrial Baseworks are what you need when tasks require high capacity weighing up to 10 tonnes. The ELP Series is rugged, reliable, and most importantly, practical. It’s designed for pit or above ground mounting and even offers drive on-ramps on request.

Platform Scales

To find out more about their complete range of domestic, industrial and commercial weighing scales, please visit A&D Weighing.


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