Industrial shredders are effective waste management equipment that shreds all kinds of materials from plastics to rubbers to metals. The shredder takes a large volume of materials as input and destructs it to produce compact-sized raw materials. The produced raw material can be further used for manufacturing and plastic recycling. 

Industrial shredders can process materials such as rubber, shred plastic, wood, asphalt, etc. An industrial shredder is beneficial for industries that deal in recycling, milling, waste removal, storage, etc. There are various kinds of shredders available in the market. Therefore, before you invest in an industrial or plastic shredder, you must obtain some knowledge to choose a suitable shredder for your business needs. 

This blog will help you understand the crucial parameters you need to know while selecting an industrial shredder. Let us begin!

What are the Things to Consider Before Buying an Industrial Shredder? 

industrial shredders and plastic shredders

Following are the key pointers to remember while you select an industrial shredder for your business:

  1. Type of Processing Material 

Different shredders have different sets of tools and blades to process specific materials. Here is the information about a few of them:

Type of Shredder/BladeType of Material 
High-Speed Chipper, Single Shaft and Dual Shaft ShreddersTree Branches
Rotary Knife Cutter, Single Shaft and Dual Shaft ShreddersPlastics
Hammermill, Single Shaft and Dual Shaft ShreddersMetal or Aluminium
Single Shaft Shredders and Twin Shaft ShredderBulky Plastics

Analyse the kind of industrial needs you have and then select the appropriate shredder for your industry. Note, a good industrial or plastic shredder produces the least dust and noise. 

  1. The Capacity of the Shredder

Make sure to calculate the capacity of material you need to operate in the shredder before you purchase a new shredder. Typically, the capacity requirement is determined by the weight, physical size, density, and amount of material to be shredded. 

It is advised to always go for an industrial shredder with a higher capacity than you need. It eases the load of the machine and increases the efficiency of work while shredding. 

  1. Operational Requirements

The three major concerns while buying a new shredder are safety, noise, single shaft shredders or dual shaft shredders and portability. Firstly ensure the shredder you are buying has the highest rating safety standards. Always buy from a trusted and good quality brand. 

Apart from that, consider the noise rating of the machine. You do not want to buy a noisy machine that will annoy everyone around throughout the day. Also, it is important to have a portable machine that can be moved, if required. 

  1. Feeding Technique of the Shredder

There are two kinds of feeding techniques in a shredder: Manual and Automatic. Manual shredders generally utilise a hopper to hand feed the material. A forklift is used in the case of heavy materials. 

On the other hand, automatic shredders have an organised automatic system to constantly feed the supply of the material to be shredded to the machine. Automatic shredders usually have better performance than manual shredders. 

  1. Maintenance Cost

Industrial shredders are heavy machinery that regularly deals with intense operations in size reduction and undergoes a lot of stress in recycling process and waste recycling. Hence, keeping the machine maintained is extremely important. Maintenance of an industrial or plastic shredder requires adjusting, sharpening, or replacing hammers and blades. 

Therefore, ask the dealer about maintenance and repair costs before purchasing the shredder. Also, evaluate the ease with which you get the maintenance services as it will be a crucial parameter at the time of the operation.   

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You now have gathered all the key information that you will require while getting a new industrial shredder. Start by analysing your needs and then research for the best available shredder in the marketplace. Take a look at our Applied Machinery that offers the world-best economical industrial shredders for your industrial shredding and shredding solution. 


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