Across the globe, companies and businesses are increasing their awareness of meeting the unique needs of individuals regardless of their abilities. In order to help reach every possible customer with professional service, businesses must update their facilities to serve those
needing extra accessibility.

To help companies adapt their facilities to help customers, stainless steel manufacturing company Britex offers a wide range of accessibility-focused bathroom warehouse, bathroom fixtures and products. Designed to be compliant to AS1428 standards, products such as accessible toilets, grab rails, and shower seats show care and thought for consumers.

If you wonder what elements you may need to make your bathroom more accessible, consider the following products designed for unique mobility needs:

Bathroom Products Designed For Increased Accessibility

bathroom warehouse for disabled

There are a variety of toilet designs available to fit nearly any style or architecture of the bathroom or washroom. To help provide options for increased mobility, there are now toilets designed and built for increased accommodation. Many mobility-friendly toilet suites offer an accessible toilet seat that conforms to AS1428 standards and backrests to provide extra support. For example, the Britex Stainless Steel Accessible Toilet Suite provides a durable and sleek design while providing accessibility to all patrons.

Help those with extra needs stay healthy and clean by including accessible taps to your bathrooms and other facilities. With Britex tapware design to conform with Australian accessibility laws, you can help all patrons utilise your bathrooms with ease. Made with strong, durable steel, Britex’s tapware line is long-lasting and vandalism-proof, ensuring that these taps will continue offering high-quality washroom access for years.

Not only do you need to ensure that individuals with unique mobility needs have access to bathroom facilities such as toilets, but they will also need access to washbasins. Britex has manufactured a compliant basin that is made with vandal-resistant material and safety radius fascia, and this fully-welded basin offers safe and seamless construction. The tapware can also be customised to fit as needed, providing extra access to the basin itself. If you are offering basins in high-traffic washrooms, a Britex Accessible Hand Basin can give extra comfort and capability.

Grab Rails
Grab rails provide extra support for consumers, as well as offer increased safety in washrooms. By adding steel support rails in your bathroom, you can help patrons use your facilities with ease and confidence.

Made with sturdy stainless steel, the Britex Flush Mount Side Wall & Cistern Grab Rail Set sits nicely on walls and near cisterns to give toilet users increased stability. Manufactured with steel bolting and customised to either 45 or 90-degree angles, guard rails can be easily added to any washroom style or built to add accessibility quickly. Britex offers models for ambulant and pull-down grab rails as well.

Shower Seats
For businesses or organisations offering shower availability – such as public pools, medical facilities or shelters – having accessible shower units is necessary. Implementing a mobility-friendly shower can be achieved quickly by installing durable shower seats into shower suites. Flexible showerheads and other hands-free shower elements can offer increased access for users.

Britex offers a stainless steel accessible folding shower seat that includes support legs that provide extra support for all individuals. With vandal-proof manufacturing and a durable steel build, these shower seats provide support and long-lasting structure to provide support for all individuals, no matter their unique needs.

Increase Your Accessibility With Britex

As companies and organisations move toward providing more accessibility in their operations, their property’s architecture and function should be a top priority. Fortunately, manufacturing companies such as Britex offer products designed to aid businesses to achieve compliance. To learn more about the products available, as well as more on accessibility compliance, visit Britex online today.


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