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  • Manufacturer: GENERIC HEADSHELL
  • Item Condition: NEW
  • ID: #103807


PEDALpUNK is designed as a bridge between external fx units, such as pedals or stomp-boxes and the digital recording world (DAW's). PEDALpUNK is completely analog and offers this "re-amping" style solution for integrating pedals into your DAW workflow, without any loss of quality.

PEDALpUNK is extremely simple to use and only has three controls: the Return knob controls the processed return signal from the pedals back to your audio interface/DAW. The Send knob dictates how much signal coming out of your DAW is sent to be processed by you pedals and the Focus knob adjusts the input impedance of the signal going from your DAW to the pedals.

The great thing about PEDALpUNK is that it offers adjustable impedance, which is important when using non-buffered, true bypass pedals. PEDALpUNK will convert an analog line-level signal to a guitar level output, so you can send it to your pedals at the appropriate signal strength. Inversely it will then convert the signal coming out of you pedals back to line-level to re-record into you DAW.

The idea is essentially, you record sound into your DAW, i.e. a guitar track. You can then send that sound out of your DAW and via PEDALpUNK, run it through all your pedals and outboard fx equipment before re-recording it back into your DAW with any processing you choose. The whole process allows you to have a extremely high quality, very versatile fx loop for your computer. Overall it's a great solution for anyone wanting to make regular use of their pedal collection, or anyone looking to indroduce some hardware soul into thier digital mixes.

Features Allows you to send signal from a DAW, process it with guitar pedals and recording back into the computer with the correct impedance and line-levels
Very easy to use - 3 controls
Variable impedance
Can be used as an overdrive/saturation units
Also functions as a regular DI
Gold-plated Neutrik XLR + 1/4" source (DAW) input
Gold-plated Neutrik XLR or Bronxe 1/4" TRS jacks for source ouput (pedal signal)

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.

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Store DJ is a national retail business specialising in providing audio and lighting technology to DJs, musicians, nightclubs and bars. Store DJ’s key product lines include CD players, digital dj equipment, DJ software, turntables, mixers, sound systems, studio recording equipment, music production software and lighting equipment.

Store DJ has 4 retail stores; one in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and our newest store in Perth. Further to Store DJ’s retail shops, we also provide online purchasing with free delivery around Australia for any items under 20kg.