Digital scales are commonly used to weigh objects, people, animals, and more. There is a wide range of digital scales available, with different features and functions designed for various applications.

In this article, we’re going to discuss different kinds of digital scales and how they work.

How do digital scales work?

Digital scales work with the use of load cells, which work like a sensor. The most commonly used load cell in most weighing devices is the strain gauge load cell. When an object is placed on the weighing scale, the strain gauge would convert the pressure from the object onto the load cell into an electronic signal.

Digital scales also have a display to show the measurement digitally, and require either power mains supply or batteries to function.

Different Types of Digital Scales

There are various types of digital scales available in the market today to cater to different applications and requirements. Generally, the types of digital scales can be categorised into:

  1. Food Scales

Food scales are specifically required by the food processing industry because these scales are not only accurate but are known for being hygienic and easy to clean. The SJ-WP Compact Traffic Lights Bench Scale Series is a popular food scale as its waterproof capabilities protects it from spills and keeps it clean and hygienic.

food scales
  1. Bathroom / Personal / Medical Health Scales

These scales provide highly accurate readings and are designed for health and weight monitoring purposes. The UC-321 Series is the ideal scale because it comes with a target weight setting and Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation. This is a perfect scale for people (from serious athletes to dialysis patients) who want to have more accurate control and insight into their body weight.

  1. Industrial Scales

Industrial scales range from bench scales to platform scales and are ideal for industrial settings. Trolley scales such as the SD-200 Fully Portable Trolley Scale are an ideal industrial scale for warehouses or freight applications, since it allows you to weigh bulky and heavy items without lifting them, and is easy to maneuver.

platform scale
  1. Platform Scales

Platform scales are built to handle and weigh very heavy objects. The A&D 3000 Industrial Platform Scale is a portable, trade approved scale that can weigh items up to 3000kg.

  1. Postal and Retail Scales

If your business sells or trades products by weight, you need retail scales that are precise and NMI approved as legal for trade. The A&D SF-KA Price Computing Retail Scale features up to 30 PLUs and a dual range operation for maximum accuracy. The AP30i Postal Scale is specifically designed for letter and parcel weighing, and interfaces directly with Australia Post’s EPOS System.

Do Digital Scales Lose Accuracy?

While most scales are accurate, there are factors that you need to watch out for because they can cause digital scales to lose accuracy. The factors that can cause inaccurate readings include:

  • Uneven loading
  • Weighing objects that are too heavy or big
  • Too much exposure to water or moisture
  • Accidental damage
  • Overly cold environments
  • Unsteady surfaces
  • Outside influence on the weight (such as adjusting items on the scale with your hand)
  • Electromagnetic disturbances, and
  • Low batteries or unreliable power connection

When to Replace Your Digital Scale?

Most high quality digital scales can last a very long time, especially when used and maintained properly. However, there will still come a time when you will need to replace your digital scale.

Some of the signs that your digital scale is no longer functioning as it should include:

  • Inconsistent readings of items with the same weight
  • Inaccurate readings between scales
  • Readings are drifting or changing slightly when the item is on the scale
  • The scale display is hard to see
  • Rust or corrosive damage

Quality digital scales are reliable and easy to use. Want to purchase a professional scale? Visit A&D Weighing for a wide range of weighing scales and equipment that suit various industries.


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