When selecting the right toilets for your industrial or commercial space, you must decide between a few options. What you choose will ultimately depend on the bathroom design, space, and style preference, but the two common styles are close coupled toilets and back to wall toilets.

In this article, we will look at the differences between these two styles.

Close Coupled Toilet

Close Coupled Toilet

One of the most common styles of toilets around, close coupled toilets have the cistern attached directly to the toilet bowl. This gives the toilet a sleek and clean look. The necessary pipes for this toilet are typically concealed within the casings of the toilet. Close coupled toilets are perfect for bathrooms with walls that have a recess. Also, because the cistern is not hidden, these toilets are taller and bulkier than back to wall toilets, which make them better suited to bathrooms with more space to play with.

A benefit of this style of toilet is that they are easy and quick to install, and they generally suit all types of bathrooms. For modern and durable options, check out the Britex 650 Ceramic Close Coupled Toilet Suite and the Britex Ambulant Toilet Suite.

Back to Wall Toilet

If you are looking for a toilet that fits a contemporary decor and also saves space, go for a back to wall toilet. Back to walls have the toilet bowl fixed against the wall, while the cistern, usually sold as a separate unit, is hidden – either built into a furniture unit or into the wall. The pipes are concealed with the cistern, giving your bathroom a neat and modern look.

Back to Wall Toilet

With the cistern concealed and the toilet bowl firmly fitted on the floor against the wall, back to wall toilets are one of the more popular choices for compact bathroom spaces.

Top of the class options for back to wall toilets in the Britex 560 Ceramic Floor Standing Toilet and the Britex Centurion Ambulant Pan. These options will complete your commercial or industrial bathroom’s elegant look.

Durable and Reliable Toilets for Your Bathrooms

At the end of the day, both close coupled toilets and back to wall toilets are popular and they suit almost all types of bathrooms. However, bear in mind that a back to wall toilet may work better if your bathroom is small and you want to create the illusion of space. A close coupled unit, on the other hand, can be quite a stylish statement fixture in a large bathroom.

Whatever you have in mind, Britex has a wide range of high quality toilets, urinals, disabled toilets and other washroom accessories that you can choose from. Their bathroom warehouse features premium quality commercial grade bathroom supplies and accessories that will improve the feel and look of your space.


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