Toilets are unknowingly one of the most essential parts of our lives. We use them multiple times a day, and they help us relieve all our pressures. However, we all have experienced some sort of issues with our toilets in our lifetime, such as clogging, leaking, broken push buttons, cracked bowls, or loose handles. These issues generally occur if you have bought a toilet without proper research or your plumbing man did a poor installation job.

The problem may not look so big when it happens with a single toilet in your home. However, if you own commercial space and your toilets malfunction, then you will understand the enormity of the problem. Hence, it is suitable to prepare a checklist of things to consider while buying new toilet suites for your home or business to ensure you have stress-free toilet time.

So through this blog, we will uncover a few aspects of toilets that you must know to get the best deal for your toilet purchase. Let us start.

What are the Things to Consider while Buying a Toilet Suite?

The following things must keep in mind while purchasing toilets for commercial or domestic use:

1. Measurements of the Toilet

The first thing that should come to your mind while shopping for the toilet is the size of the bathroom where you wish to install the toilet. Just measure the space you have allotted for the toilet, and you can trim down your options varying on the needed size when exploring your toilet options.

This is an extremely important consideration and should never be avoided or altered as it is one of the major causes of improper toilet installation.

2. The Shape of the Bowl

Toilets Suites are these days come in a variety of designs. However, the basic shape of the toilet bowl remains the same. There are two options available when it comes to the shape of the toilet bowl: a round-front shaped bowl and an elongated shaped bowl.

The round-front shape usually takes less space and is extremely popular in modern-day commercial spaces due to its ability to use the least space. On the other hand, an elongated shaped bowl is longer than the round-front bowl by 2 inches and is more suitable for domestic use.

3. The Height of the Toilet Seat

The height of your toilet seat is an extremely important factor that you should never miss out on. Toilet seat height refers to the distance from the floor to the top of your toilet bowl.

On average, a toilet seat height ranges between 14 inches and 16 inches. Having the right height for your toilet will ensure you have a pleasant and comfortable toileting experience every time you use the toilet.

4. The Weight of the Toilet

You might be wondering why you should know the weight of the toilet and what difference it makes. To your surprise, the weight of the toilet is one of the major factors that will prevent you from future repairs and toilet problems. If you are buying toilet suites for commercial purposes, most probably, you will have the toilet mounted on a wall.

In that case, if the weight of your toilet is heavy, it can bring cracks to the wall and even break the wall. Hence, be certain of how you want to install the toilet and what its ideal weight should be for your space.

5. Flushing Cycle

Unlike traditional toilets, modern toilets are more water-efficient. The traditional models used to consume about 4 gallons every time you flush. They came with a single lever and used gravity to build pressure and perform flushing operations.

However, modern toilets are now more refined and consume only 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Some toilets even go as low as 0.8 gallons for flushing, which saves a significant amount of water wastage. So when choosing a toilet, keep this factor in mind and choose an efficient toilet suite for your business.

6. Maintenance Needs

If you are buying toilets for commercial use, it is important to consider the maintenance needs of the toilet that you buy. You do not want to buy a toilet with heavy maintenance that costs you substantial money every few months.

Wall-mounted toilets usually have the least maintenance needs and are easy to clean. You must buy a toilet which is sturdy and will assure you good quality so that you do not have to spend money time and again on its repairs.

7. Cost of the Toilet

Lastly, the cost of the toilet is an essential aspect that will decide which toilet you will buy. If you are in a commercial business, it is advised to buy a toilet that has a reasonable price and do not go for the highly expensive ones.

The usage of commercial toilets is extremely high, and it is best if you get a toilet that is reasonably priced and at the same time is stylish in its appearance. Also, make sure the toiled you purchase is standardised as per Australian norms and maintains the right hygiene for your bathroom.

Ready to Buy Your Toilet Suite?

Now that you are acquainted with all the needed things to know before purchasing a toilet, you can explore the various marketplaces and find a suitable toilet for your needs. Also, check out our Britex which has an extensive range of versatile toilets and offers some of the best toilets in the Australian market.


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