If you’re considering investing in an industrial shredder, there are some important factors to take into account. The type of materials you’ll be shredding, the capacity you need, and your budget will all play a role in what type of shredder is best for your business. Genox shredders are the most energy-efficient on the market. They offer maximum cutting force and productivity as well as shock-absorbing gearboxes for longer life. Quick change screens allow for accurate particle size control, while the swim ram pusher with exchangeable PU slides ensures a smooth and consistent feed. Twin speed hydraulics with an integrated air cooler keep your machine running smoothly all day long.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current shredders or invest in additional waste equipment for the reduction of materials on-site, we’ve covered all of the fundamentals you’ll want to consider before you make your choice.

What material is being shredded?

If your organization process different kinds of materials on-site, it’s best to invest in a multi-purpose shredder capable of handling plastic, paper and cardboard, plastic foams, e-waste, textile waste, and general rubbish all at once, as well as copper cables and tires.

Depending on what materials are being shredded, there are certain features that increase or reduce productivity levels.

A shredding throughput range between 300kg/hr – 5000kg/hr+ depending on the model, material type, screen size, and application. It is ideal for larger multifunctional machines like Genox Vision.

Selecting the best machine for the job can significantly improve efficiency and ensure your waste reduction processes remain on schedule regardless of the volume of waste coming in.

For example, Genox Vision (V Series), Genox King Kong (K Series) are heavy duty machines suitable for processing a wide range of materials like plastics, paper, and cardboard, copper cable, aluminum, textiles, security destruction, foams, Mixed household, commercial and industrial wastes

 What results do you require?

Knowing what you want to achieve with your shredder is an excellent place to start in choosing a model that meets your business needs. If you currently have the capacity for shredding on-site, now is a good time to look at the average amount of material you need to shred daily. If you outsource shredding or don’t currently offer that service, it’s worth looking at the bulk volume of potential shreddable materials you receive per day. Results are subjective to the individual needs of your business. A standard machine that does everything will provide the most success for varied waste. In other cases, a Genox Behemoth (BH Series) shredder model that offers different sizing screens and additional flexibility can offer a powerful way to improve efficiency in waste reduction. Looking at what you want your

shredder to do can help you pick the features and specifications of an industrial shredder that’s best suited to the job.

Operating conditions

A&D recommends recalibrations to be conducted on a regular basis, to ensure optimal weighing The conditions surrounding how your shredder operates are just as important as the shredder itself. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll have the full capacity to build your setup around the shredder. If you’re already adapting what’s already in place, you’ll want to ensure your operating conditions and shredder model work in harmony. Reducing labor costs and improving efficiency from loading Genox shredders through to the output.

Knowing which hopper feeding method and output will be utilized on-site can give you a firm idea of what kinds of shredder would best fit your specific needs and goals. For example, a heavier shredded product like wood and metals can be discharged using gravity, and input through a conveyor. On the other hand, shredders that produce waste of varying sizes and weights may require a screw conveyor to prevent the spread or release of small waste items. Understanding the requirements of your shredder can help inform your choice of operating conditions, which in turn enables you to choose the most suitable model for your purposes.

Space and power

Every facility has different demands and requirements for the safety and availability of space. As an industrial piece of machinery, it’s important to follow necessary safety regulations and practices to keep employees safe and your shredder in good working condition. Before you pick a shredder based on functionality alone, you should also consider how well it will safely fit into your available space and setup. Beyond the actual dimensions and safety of the industrial shredder, you’ll also want to think about how to enable power supply to the optimal location on site safely. While power is a more easily fixed problem, you’ll need to make arrangements ahead of time to ensure a suitable power source is located within the specified proximity of your shredder. By preparing ahead of installation for power and safety concerns, you’re in a far better position to get up and running with next to no delay.

Cutters are king

When it comes to plastic shredders and metal shredders, there’s no such thing as one size fits. The cutters that different shredders use are optimized and designed for particular purposes. This optimization makes it important to select cutters that suit your specific needs. Picking a model with inferior or less functional cutters is a recipe for wasted money, as it’s far more likely you’ll need to repair those cutters sooner rather than later. In some cases, the repair isn’t even possible, leading to extensive costs in the purchase of new cutters on a regular basis.

Picking the right cutters for the job, whether that’s shredding wood, plastic, or metals, can ensure the highest standards of efficiency with your machine. By having the right tool for the job on hand, and proper calibration and configuration, you can save cash and improve productivity in one. Genox Xeno (X Series) and Behemoth (BH Series) offer high-strength cutters and spacers manufactured from high-quality, heat-treated steel alloys.

Costing and maintenance

Regular, professional maintenance should be a crucial part of your long-term plan for any machinery you purchase, and shredders are no exception to that rule. With proper care and servicing, keeping your shredder in top condition is feasible for far longer. Simple monthly inspections and general lubrication is a solid place to start to keep your shredder ticking over, but in-depth maintenance is the way to reduce the risk of costly repair costs as time goes on.

Whether you choose to inspect and maintain your shredder in-house or hire a specialist professional, it’s important to keep everything from your cutters to any tires under regular inspection to spot any issues before they occur. Choosing a Genox shredders brand like Genox can help maintain your shredder over time, with readily available parts and servicing equipment specifically designed for that model or product line.

Avoid off-the-shelf solutions to reduce long-term costs

Why settle for second best when you can pick machinery that ticks every box and provides exactly what your business needs? An off-the-shelf solution may seem like the easiest route to purchasing machinery, but a shredder that isn’t up to the task will only cost your business money over time. The best option for any machinery you purchase is the tool that best suits your business needs and requirements, improving your efficiency and lightening your long-term costs in the process.

When you pick a shredder that’s underpowered, undersized, or just not suitable for the volume of shredding you need, you’ll find out sooner rather than later that you can’t keep up with demand. By putting extra time and thought into your choice of model, evaluating what your business needs, you’ll be in a far better position to make the right purchase.

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