The AUTO Carton Checking System is a Heavy Duty Checkweigher designed and manufactured in Australia. This robust system is engineered for precise and efficient carton weight checking in industrial settings. With a substantial 150kg capacity, it caters to the heavy-duty requirements of various industries. The system’s high resolution of 0.05kg ensures accurate measurements, contributing to meticulous quality control processes.

This Australian-engineered innovation is instrumental in elevating precision, optimizing space, and streamlining processes, making it a vital asset for industries where accurate carton weight verification is critical to product quality and compliance.

Specifications at a Glance


With three distinct capacity options – 30kg, 60kg, and 150kg – the EZI-Check AUTO system caters to a diverse range of industries, ensuring flexibility to meet varied needs. This adaptability positions it as an ideal choice for businesses with diverse product lines.


The system’s high precision is evident in its impressive resolution specifications. Users can choose between 0.01kg, 0.02kg, or 0.05kg resolutions, providing the level of accuracy required for specific applications.


Compact yet robust, the AD-Dynamic Roller System boasts dimensions of 600 (L) x 450 (W) x 900 (H) millimeters. Its ergonomic design ensures easy integration into existing production lines, optimizing space while enhancing efficiency.


Equipped with powered rollers under precise PLC control, the conveyor system ensures a smooth and controlled carton movement. This not only enhances accuracy during the weighing process but also contributes to the overall speed and efficiency of the production line.


The system features the FS-i indicator, known for its water and dust-proof design. The built-in traffic lights (HI / GO / LO) provide a visual indicator of the carton’s weight status. This intuitive system aids operators in identifying discrepancies instantly, minimizing the risk of errors.


One of the standout features of the EZI-Check AUTO system is its impressive throughput. Capable of checking up to 50 cartons per minute, this system significantly boosts productivity while maintaining accuracy and reliability.

Interface Options

The flexibility of the EZI-Check AUTO system extends to its interface options. Users can choose between wired or wireless PC interfaces, offering convenience and adaptability to various operational setups.

Alarm Options

To further enhance its user-friendly design, the system provides additional visual and audible alarm options. These customizable alerts ensure that any deviations from set parameters are promptly addressed, preventing potential issues in the production process.

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Benefits of Choosing EZI-Check AUTO Carton Checking System

1. Enhanced Efficiency

By seamlessly integrating into production lines and automating the carton checking process, the EZI-Check AUTO system significantly enhances overall efficiency. Its high throughput ensures that production targets are met without compromising on precision.

2. Precision and Accuracy

The system’s high-resolution capabilities, coupled with its advanced weighing technology, guarantee accurate carton weight measurements. This level of precision is crucial for industries where product quality is paramount.

3. Space Optimization

The compact design of the EZI-Check AUTO Carton Checking System allows for easy integration into existing production setups. This space optimization is particularly valuable in industries where floor space is a premium.

4. User-Friendly Operation

The intuitive interface, coupled with visual and audible alarms, makes the system user-friendly. Operators can easily interpret the status of each carton, minimizing the likelihood of errors and streamlining the quality control process.

5. Customizable Options

With options for wired or wireless PC interfaces and additional alarm choices, the system can be tailored to suit the specific needs of different industries. This adaptability ensures a seamless fit into diverse production environments.

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Elevate Your Quality Control with A&D Inspection

As we delve into the innovative features and benefits of the EZI-Check AUTO Carton Checking System, it becomes evident that this Australian-engineered solution is a must-have for industries prioritizing precision and efficiency. To experience the transformative impact of this cutting-edge technology, consider acquiring your EZI-Check AUTO systems and check weigh systems through A&D Inspection.

A&D Inspection, a trusted name in the industry, offers a seamless online platform for purchasing AUTO Carton Checking Systems. Visit the website today to explore the range of options available and take the first step towards elevating your quality control processes.

In conclusion, the EZI-Check AUTO Carton Checking System stands as a testament to Australia’s prowess in industrial innovation. With its advanced features, user-friendly design, and customizable options, it not only meets but exceeds the expectations of industries seeking top-notch quality control solutions. Embrace the future of carton checking with EZI-Check AUTO, and experience a new era of efficiency and precision in your production processes.


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