Scales are relied upon in many different industries and internal processes from weighing food in factories to calculating delivery costs in warehouses. If you rely on scales in your business, keeping on top of maintenance should be a key part of your operation as doing so can eliminate many problems. Like all major pieces of equipment, scales also require regular maintenance so they continue to perform well and benefit your business operations.

Here are three top reasons for keeping up with scale maintenance.

Reduce costly downtime

The last thing you want is for your operation to be put on hold due to poor maintenance. To ensure that your entire business is running smoothly, you must schedule regular maintenance of your equipment. Downtime could result in unhappy customers and fewer opportunities to increase your revenue – two factors that will make a big difference to your business. Always take care of repairs as soon as possible and encourage your staff to report any issues so maintenance doesn’t get ignored. Managing your finances is an important part of a business
and something as simple as looking after your equipment could save you hundreds of pounds and prevent you from overspending.

Save money

Make sure you take care of small repairs so you don’t end up with a costly bill. Most of the time equipment problems are fairly simple to fix, but leaving them to progress can complicate the issue and cost more to repair. Regular maintenance can also save you money by keeping your equipment running for longer. That way, you don’t need to replace your scales as often and the lifespan of your scales is extended. Routine maintenance is much easier to manage especially in terms of affordability, so don’t get caught out with expensive repair costs because you haven’t kept on top of things. There are plenty of in-house checks that you can do to ensure your scales are properly configured and working proficiently.

Maintain accuracy and quality


Well maintained scales will run smoothly and help your team remain efficient. The whole point of having scales is to provide reliable and accurate readings so keeping your equipment in good condition will ensure that you don’t receive false information or make mistakes. It only takes one inaccurate reading for a whole operation to experience problems and damage your reputation, so always take regular maintenance and checks seriously. Quality is key to eliminating unexpected interruptions so improve productivity and give yourself peace of mind by taking the right maintenance steps.

At Ablescale, & A&D weighing, they have a fully equipped workshop and mobile technicians ready to repair your weighing equipment and scales. Don’t let problems go unrepaired for months. Their experienced team offers a quick turnout time so you can get back up and running promptly, including out of hours services. All parts and labour on repairs are backed by their in-house warranty policy. Get in touch with Ablescale, & A&D Weighing today for more information.


  1. Well said, with regular scale maintenance we can maintain accuracy, save money and most importantly reduce downtime in any business.
    Thank you for sharing these useful insights on regular scale maintenance along with it’s benefits.


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