If you work a job that requires physical labor, you definitely want a sturdy pair of boots to accompany you as you head out the door each morning. When buying a pair of boots, you may be overwhelmed by the number of choices out there. However, your decision can easily be broken down into a few key steps. Before buying, you need to lay out your own needs and find the type of boot that fits that niche. You also want to consider the quality of the material, as well as your budget. If you choose well, a good pair of boots will last you years and leave you comfortable and blister-free at the end of each day.

magnum boots
magnum boots

How to Find the Right Work Boots?

Work boots are an important part of many individuals’ wardrobes and should be chosen for safety and comfort. The Occupational Health and Safety Australia (OHSA) and the Safe Work Australia (SWA) both lay out requirements for the type of protective gear workers must wear in certain jobs. This guide will help you choose the right type of boot for your purposes and budget.

Find the right fit

The size and shape of a boot are the two most important aspects that affect the comfort of your footwear. The wrong size can cause damage to the skin and the muscles in your feet. Because of this, you must take the time to go through a comprehensive fitting process. Make sure to buy in person of possible and try on as many pairs of boots as you can before you make a decision. Walk, jump, and run around a bit to make sure the boot really is the right fit.

You can also quickly check the fit of a pair of boots using a few different methods. First, slide your foot forward inside your boots. Bend your knee forward and check whether your index finger can fit snugly between the back of your shoe and your heel. The laces of your boots should also be able to keep your feet comfortably in place. Another important thing to note is that your feet will swell inside your shoes at the end of the day, so it is better to try on shoes in the afternoon or in the evening.

magnum boots
magnum boots

Which Type of Work Boot Should You Buy?

Boots may come with extra features, such as steel caps, zipped sides, or elastic bands. They may also be waterproofed, insulated, or made fire-retardant. Each of these features provides a different benefit to wearers. For example, steel cap boots are often used by construction workers to protect their feet from heavy materials. Zippered boots are used commonly in the military and law enforcement as they are secure and easy to put on or take off. Boots with elastic uppers are also common due to their flexibility. Waterproof boots are often used by search and rescue or by those working around water or other liquids. Ultimately, you need to know what conditions you will be working in in order to decide how to best protect your feet with work boots.

What Features Should You be Looking For?

An important part of all work boots are cushioned outsoles. These will help protect your feet and knees as you take each step. They act essentially as shock absorbers for your feet and protect them from impacting the ground directly. Your work boots should also have arch support built in. If not, you can consider buying cushioned insoles that match your foot shape. If you have tendinitis, metarsalgia, or flat feet, you may want to talk to a doctor about how best to provide support for your feet and relieve any unnatural pressure on your muscles or ligaments. If your shoe does not support the natural shape of your foot, you run a higher risk of injury.

Key Work Boot Features

Outsole cushioning and arch support are only two of the features that you should be considering for your boots. The height of your boot varies quite a bit depending on your line of work. If you need more ankle support, taller boots might be a better choice. However, shorter boots are lighter and provide more air circulation, making them better for more general uses. Boots can be made of leather, nylon, rubber, and more. This is because different occupations require different boot materials. For example, rubber boots are better for those working in wet, slippery environments while nylon is better for those who need lightweight boots. Water resistance is also a feature that should be considered. Although rubber boots are best for this function, leather, canvas, and other boots can also be waterproofed if maintained correctly. Steel cap boots are usually used on construction sites, where they are a required piece of gear. They make boots heavier, but it may be necessary to make this tradeoff for extra protection. Composite toe boots are another option that offer a similar amount of protection at a lower weight.

After considering these factors, you are probably wondering where you can get the high quality, affordable boots you need. Fortunately, Magnum Boots offers a wide selection of work and leisure boots designed for your purposes. Make sure to get fitted for your boot size, decide your budget, and get to know the different options and types of boots that are available to you.


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