Commercial or digital scales refer to weighing devices that are commonly used for commercial and industrial purposes to measure the weight of various objects and materials. These scales are more advanced than traditional analog scales as they utilize digital technology to provide more accurate and precise measurements.

SJ-WP Compact Traffic Lights Bench Weighing Scale

Introducing the SJ-WP Compact Traffic Lights Bench Scale – the ideal weighing solution for various commercial and industrial applications. This state-of-the-art scale combines advanced features with a user-friendly design to deliver accurate and reliable measurements every time.

Key Features:

  1. Removable, Transparent Pan Support: The SJ-WP Bench Scale is equipped with removable, transparent pan support that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The overhanging panels provide excellent shielding for the load cell, ensuring enhanced durability and accuracy.
  2. Waterproof and Anti-Corrosive Load Cell: This scale is built to withstand harsh environments and is equipped with a waterproof and anti-corrosive load cell. This feature not only enhances the scale’s longevity but also allows for safe usage in wet or humid conditions.
  3. Integrated Overload Protection Mechanism: Rest assured that your scale is well-protected against excessive loads. The SJ-WP Bench Scale is equipped with an integrated overload protection mechanism that ensures the scale’s longevity and prevents damage from accidental overloading.
  4. Selectable Weighing Resolutions: With four selectable weighing resolutions ranging from 1/3,000 up to an impressive 1/30,000, this scale can handle a wide range of weighing tasks. Whether you need precise measurements for delicate items or large loads, this scale has you covered.
  5. Multiple Weighing Units: The SJ-WP Bench Scale offers versatility with its multiple weighing unit options. You can easily switch between grams, kilograms, pounds, ounces, troy ounces, pound-ounces, taels, tolas, and even Newtons, making it suitable for a diverse range of applications.
  6. Counting Mode Function: This scale comes with a counting mode function, enabling efficient inventory management by accurately counting large quantities of identical items.
  7. Auto Power OFF Function: To save energy and extend battery life, the SJ-WP Bench Scale is equipped with an auto power-off function. The scale will automatically power off after a period of inactivity, ensuring prolonged use on a single charge or battery set.
  8. Large LCD Display with Backlight: The scale’s large LCD display boasts a 26 mm character height, making it easy to read weight measurements quickly and accurately. The white backlight ensures optimal visibility in various lighting conditions.

The SJ-WP Compact Traffic Lights Bench Scale is the perfect combination of durability, precision, and user-friendliness, making it an indispensable tool for industries such as retail, manufacturing, shipping, and more. Experience seamless weighing operations with this advanced and reliable bench scale.

SJ-WP Compact Traffic Lights Bench Weighing Scale

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SC Series Waterproof Platform Scales

Introducing the SC Series Waterproof Platform Scales with SUS304 baseworks, a cutting-edge weighing solution engineered to meet the demands of various industrial and commercial applications. Built with precision, durability, and versatility in mind, these platform commercial scales are designed to deliver accurate measurements in any environment.

Key Features:

  1. Multiple Measurement Units: The SC Series Platform Scales offer a wide range of measurement units, providing flexibility to accommodate diverse weighing needs. Whether you require weight measurements in grams, kilograms, pounds, ounces, or other units, this scale has you covered.
  2. High-Speed Stabilization: With an impressive 1-second settling time, the SC Series ensures rapid stabilization, allowing for quick and efficient weighing operations. This feature is especially beneficial in fast-paced environments where time is of the essence.
  3. Stainless Steel Baseframe and Weighing Pan: The platform scale’s baseframe and weighing pan are constructed from high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. This not only provides superior strength and durability but also ensures resistance to rust and corrosion, making it ideal for use in various industrial settings.
  4. Epoxy Coated, Corrosion Resistant Load Cell: The load cell of the SC Series is epoxy coated, offering exceptional protection against corrosion and harsh elements. This protective coating enhances the scale’s lifespan and maintains its accuracy even in challenging conditions.
  5. Visual Comparator for Packing to Targets: The SC Series Platform Scales are equipped with a visual comparator feature, enabling efficient packing processes. Users can easily compare the weight displayed on the scale to predefined targets, streamlining packing and quality control procedures.
  6. Waterproof Design: These platform scales boast a waterproof design, making them suitable for use in environments where liquids or moisture may be present. The waterproof feature ensures reliable performance and protects the internal components from damage.
  7. User-Friendly Interface: The SC Series comes with an intuitive user interface, making it simple to operate for both novice and experienced users. The clear and easy-to-read display provides instant access to weight readings and scale functions.
  8. Versatile Applications: Due to their robust construction and advanced features, SC Series Waterproof Platform Scales are suitable for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, shipping, and warehouse management.

Experience the power of precision and durability with the SC Series Waterproof Platform Scales. Whether you need accurate measurements in various units, rapid stabilization, or corrosion-resistant components, this scale is designed to meet your weighing requirements and elevate your weighing processes to new heights of efficiency.

SC Series Waterproof Platform Scales

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AD-4961 Intelligent Checkweigher

Introducing the AD-4961 Intelligent Checkweigher – a powerful solution designed to optimize checkweighing processes for various industries. With its exceptional capabilities and Japanese engineering, this high-speed inline checkweigher sets a new standard for performance, accuracy, and reliability, ensuring seamless integration into existing production lines.

Key Features:

  1. Light Capacity System: The AD-4961 is equipped with a light capacity system that can efficiently handle checkweighing tasks for packs weighing up to 2000g or 6000g. This versatility allows it to accommodate a wide range of product sizes and weights.
  2. High-Speed Inline Checkweighing: The checkweigher’s high-speed capabilities enable rapid and efficient weighing of products as they move along the production line. Its impressive throughput ensures optimal productivity without compromising accuracy.
  3. Weigh, Classify, and Segregate Products: The AD-4961 excels at weighing products accurately and efficiently. It goes beyond simple weight measurements by classifying and segregating products based on their weight, streamlining quality control and ensuring compliance with strict weight specifications.
  4. Japanese Design and Engineering: Known for its precision and innovation, Japanese design ensures that the AD-4961 delivers consistently high-level performance. The attention to detail and focus on quality make it a reliable and durable checkweigher for long-term use.
  5. Adaptability to Existing Lines: The AD-4961 is designed with adaptability in mind. Its flexible configuration allows for easy integration into existing production lines without significant modifications, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.
  6. Intuitive User Interface: The checkweigher features an intuitive user interface, making it user-friendly and easy to operate. The clear display and user-friendly controls ensure that operators can quickly learn and utilize the system effectively.
  7. Real-time Data and Reporting: Advanced data management capabilities provide real-time information on product weights and statistics. This data can be used for process optimization, quality assurance, and compliance tracking.
  8. Automatic Rejection Mechanism: In case of underweight or overweight products, the AD-4961 checkweigher automatically triggers a rejection mechanism. This ensures that non-compliant items are removed from the production line, maintaining product consistency and reducing waste.

The AD-4961 Intelligent Checkweigher redefines checkweighing efficiency with its exceptional performance, accuracy, and adaptability. From food and beverage to pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, this checkweigher enhances quality control and helps businesses meet weight regulations effortlessly.

AD-4961 Intelligent Checkweigher

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EK-EP Intrinsically Safe IECEx Compact Scale

Introducing the EK-EP Intrinsically Safe IECEx Compact Scale – a cutting-edge weighing solution engineered for hazardous environments where safety and precision are paramount. This compact scale combines advanced features with robust construction to provide accurate measurements and utmost reliability in challenging conditions.

Key Features:

  1. Hygienic and Chemical Resistant Weighing Pan: The EK-EP Compact Scale boasts a durable and chemical-resistant stainless steel (SUS304) weighing pan. This high-quality material ensures hygienic weighing and protects against corrosion, making it suitable for use in various industrial settings.
  2. Multiple Weighing Units: This versatile scale offers a wide range of weighing units, including grams, ounces, pounds, troy ounces, carats, mommes, pennyweights, grains, Newtons, as well as counting mode for pieces, percent mode, and specific gravity mode. These options cater to diverse weighing needs across different applications.
  3. Comparator Function: The EK-EP Scale features a comparator function that allows for faster and more accurate filling, packing, sorting, and other processes. This function helps ensure that products meet predefined weight criteria, streamlining production and quality control.
  4. Adjustable Response Characteristics: The scale’s response characteristics can be adjusted based on the location’s degree of drafts and vibrations. This feature ensures stable and precise measurements even in challenging environments, enhancing the scale’s performance and accuracy.
  5. Intrinsically Safe Design: The EK-EP Scale is designed to meet intrinsically safe standards, making it suitable for use in hazardous environments where the risk of fire or explosion is present. It provides reliable weighing without introducing potential ignition sources.
  6. Security Ring for Wire-Locking: To prevent theft or unauthorized movement, the scale is equipped with a security ring that allows it to be wire-locked in place. This feature adds an extra layer of security, particularly in shared or public spaces.
  7. Intuitive User Interface: The EK-EP Scale features an easy-to-use interface, making it simple for operators to navigate through functions and settings. The clear display and user-friendly controls enhance the overall user experience.
  8. IECEx Certification: The scale has been certified with IECEx standards, which ensures its compliance with international safety regulations for use in explosive atmospheres.

The EK-EP Intrinsically Safe IECEx Compact Weighing Scale is a reliable and versatile weighing solution, designed to meet the stringent requirements of hazardous environments while delivering precise and efficient weighing operations. Whether used in chemical plants, pharmaceutical facilities, or other challenging locations, this compact scale ensures safety and accuracy at all times.

EK-EP Intrinsically Safe IECEx Compact Scale

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Can digital scales be connected to a computer or other devices?

Many modern digital scales come with connectivity options, such as USB or Bluetooth, allowing them to be connected to computers, printers, or other devices for data transfer and record-keeping purposes.

What is the difference between intrinsically safe and regular digital scales?

Intrinsically safe digital scales are designed for use in hazardous environments where there may be a risk of fire or explosion. They are built with safety features to prevent potential ignition sources, making them suitable for such conditions.

Do commercial scales come with warranty and customer support?

Yes, reputable manufacturers like A&D Weighing often provide warranties for their digital scales. Additionally, they offer customer support and service to address any issues or inquiries regarding the product.


Commercial digital scales have revolutionized the weighing industry, offering advanced features and capabilities that significantly enhance accuracy, efficiency, and convenience. Among the top products available, the SJ-WP Compact Traffic Lights Bench Scale stands out for its removable transparent pan support, waterproof load cell, multiple weighing resolutions, and various weighing units. This scale is a reliable and durable solution for businesses requiring precise measurements in demanding environments.

Similarly, the SC Series Waterproof Platform Scales, with their SUS304 baseworks, high-speed stabilization, and visual comparator function, provide a versatile and adaptable weighing solution for industrial applications. Their corrosion-resistant load cell and waterproof design ensure longevity and optimal performance in challenging conditions.

Overall, the wide range of features offered by these top commercial digital scales demonstrates the significant advancements made in weighing technology. Whether used in retail, manufacturing, food service, or hazardous environments, these scales are worth to use for business.


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